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College Credit Plus

What is College Credit Plus (CCP)?

Ohio’s College Credit Plus (CCP) program allows Benjamin Logan students the opportunity to earn college credit and apply that credit toward their high school graduation requirements. Taking a college course (either online, on campus, or at Benjamin Logan High School) from a public college or university is free for those involved in the program.

How can CCP benefit students?

CCP provides more options for students to pursue rigorous academic coursework beyond the high school classroom.  CCP students can complete their freshman year of college (or more) and explore content that interests them.   Earning college credits while in high school can reduce the time and cost of attending college afterwards.

Who is eligible?

Ohio students in grades 7-12 can apply for CCP admission to any Ohio public or participating private college.  The college will admit students based on college-readiness in one or more subject areas.  Students may not participate in the CCP program beyond their anticipated high school graduation date.

What courses are offered through CCP?

Once students are admitted to a college for the CCP program, a wide variety of coursework can be completed.  Students must select coursework at the appropriate level and meet all prerequisites.  Students are not permitted to complete remedial, pass/ fail, religious, study abroad, physical education, or one-on-one tutoring courses.  Additionally, courses with exorbitant fees, may be denied.

How are high school graduation requirements affected by CCP courses?

High school graduation requirements will not be waived as a result of participation in CCP.  Any college course in a given subject will by definition satisfy a high school graduation requirement.  Three credit-hour courses successfully completed will be listed by title on the high school transcript as one credit-hour course.  Final CCP grades in American History and/ or Government may substitute required End of Course Assessments.  

Do students need to follow course pathways?  Does CCP have a course limit?

Each Ohio public college has developed two sample course pathways – one leading to fifteen credits and another to 30 credits.  However, students have no obligation to take courses identified on a pathway or to complete a pathway.  It is recommended that students take less than 30 credit hours per year; a blended schedule (involving general courses at Benjamin Logan) should be discussed with a school counselor.  

How does CCP impact athletic eligibility?

Student athletes must remain eligible in accordance with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) bylaws.  To be athletically eligible, students must be passing five, one credit courses or the equivalent per grading period with the high school and college courses combined.  Please check with a school counselor to ensure that the total coursework is compliant the OHSAA.  

What are my academic and social responsibilities?

Students will be expected to follow the rules and regulations set by the college.  They will also be expected to follow the rules and regulations set for high school students detailed in the student handbook. Participation in CCP does not guarantee admission to college after high school.  Students should follow the regular undergraduate application process for whatever college they plan to attend.

Who pays for college admission, textbooks, required course supplies, and fees?

CCP students enrolled in public institutions are not required to pay for application/ admission fees, general/ lab fees, college course tuition, instructional tools, or textbook costs.  Benjamin Logan will pay expenses associated with CCP courses up to 30 credit hours; this limit may change with those students choosing a blended schedule. Students choosing to attend a private college may be charged by that college, depending on where the course is delivered and in accordance with state law.   

Benjamin Logan will seek reimbursement from students/families if the student receives a failing grade at the end of the college course or withdraws from/ drops the college course too late, unless the student is identified as being economically disadvantaged in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3333‐1‐65.6(B)(2).

What are the consequences of poor performance in the CCP Program?

Student that perform poorly (cumulative college GPA below 2.00) will be placed on probation for one semester.  Once on probation, students will be limited to specific coursework the following semester.  Should grades not improve, the student may be denied access to future semesters of the CCP program.   

Is it possible to complete a CCP course over the summer?  

Yes, those courses taken in the summer will be associated and listed on high school transcripts as first semester courses.