Useful Links

Click on the spectrum icon on your computer to access the library catalog.  After doing a search for a title or subject, use the numbers to find non-fiction or authors to find fiction.  Mrs. Mahoney will gladly help you find materials!  If you are doing a research paper and need credible Internet sources, try the links below!


OGT Practice Test Language Arts
If you must do a google search, use Google Scholar to find articles that have been published in journals or magazines.
A great source for finding articles on any topic for any subject. This includes reference sources (encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases); articles from journals, newspapers, and magazines; and media.
Bellefontaine Library website: Search the catalog to find items that we don't have at school. If you cannot pick it up yourself, see Mrs. Algire, and she can get it for you.
Marysville's library has access to several Columbus libraries, so there are many more materials available to them. If you do not have a library card here, see Mrs. Algire, and she will get materials for you.
Newsweek has a searchable on-line archive of previously published articles.
Time Magazine also provides free searchable on-line archives.