Physical Day 2018

ATTENTION Benjamin Logan Student-Athletes and Parents - Physical Exam Day Info

Physical Day Forms

Above is the Physical Form and Information needed in order to receive your Physical Exam on Monday, May 21 through the School and Athletic Training Program provided through Mary Rutan. 

NEW THIS YEAR: Physical Exams will be conducted throughout the day at the NEW Mary Rutan Health Center located at 1134 North Main Street in Bellefontaine.  You will NOT need to schedule an appointment! 

In order to participate, complete the information attached and return your form to the Middle School or High School Office by Friday, May 18 with a payment or Check of $15 to the Benjamin Logan Athletic Boosters.  A parent or guardian will NOT need to be present, but the attached form MUST be completed and signed in all the highlighted portions.  You will need to COMPLETE pages 1 and 3 of the attachment in order to participate.  Page 1 - Green Form, and Page 3 - Highlighted OHSAA Physical Exam Form MUST be returned to the School Offices by Friday, May 18. 

Transportation Information: 
Benjamin Logan will provide transportation for Students if needed.

Here is the Transportation Schedule:
9:30am - 6th Grade departs from Middle School by School Transportation (School Bus)

10:15am - 7th Grade departs from Middle School by School Transportation (School Bus)

11:00am - High School Students are released for the day (after Final Exam Test are complete with a note from parent)
High School Students are allowed to drive themselves or be transported to Mary Rutan Health Center by whoever picks them up from School.

12:15pm - High School Students depart from High School by School Transportation (School Bus).  Transportation is available (by bus) if students stay at school for the remainder of the school day after Final Exams.

2:30pm - 8th Grade time slot is OPEN at Mary Rutan Health Center.  This is after the completion of the 8th Grade Recognition which is held at 1:00pm in the High School Auditorium.  8th Grade Students are allowed to leave with a parent or guardian after the recognition ceremony.

If you have questions regarding transportation or this process, please contact the School Office at 937-592-1666.