Miss Widman

"Don't adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story." - Bilbo Baggins
(The Lord of the Rings)

Frodo + Light of Earendil
A Light for Your Journey ...

 Please access this site composed for you to stay updated and informed as we journey through the school year.  In the left margin, there are links you must use to navigate this site.  You are expected to stay on top of your assignments as well as ask questions if you have them.  It is better to ask and feel silly for a minute than to not ask and feel quite foolish in the long run.  I am very approachable and available, so do not hesitate to speak with me if you have a question.  Many of you are at the end of your high school career and will be entering the "real world," whether that means the job force, military, or college very soon!  This is YOUR chance to prepare for YOUR future.  Grab this opportunity and run
with it.  See how far you can go!   :)


Go Raiders!