March 16, 2020

Student On-Line Assignments Information  

1) You will need to check your email and the high school website daily for lesson information.

2) You will be provided with a maximum of 3 lessons per week in each class to complete. It is important to stay caught-up and submit work each week.

3) All lessons will be provided on-line with hard copies also being made available.  If hard copies are needed, the front lobby of the high school will be open from 7:00am – 7:00pm Monday through Friday for pick up. 

4) There will be a designated spot to drop-off completed hard copy assignments in the front lobby.

5) Wireless internet will be available in the high school student parking lot for those who do not have access from home.  The wireless name is: BL-Student Lot WiFi .  The password is being sent via all call. 

6) Spectrum is also offering free in-home access for new customers to WiFi for students over the next 60 days.  If interested, please contact Spectrum for details.

7) Should you or your parents have any questions, you may contact the school between the hours of 8:00am to 3:00pm.

March 13, 2020
HS Students and Parents,

In light of the recent events with the COVID-19 virus, it will remain our goal to provide our students with the best educational experiences possible under the given circumstances.  At this time, school will not be in session through April 5th.  All activities and practices are cancelled through this time as well.  Communication will be essential during this time in order for students to receive the most optimal education.  Detailed below is an outline of the expectations that will need to be followed to ensure student success. 

Educational Plan
* Please visit the Benjamin Logan High School Website and click on the “BLHS Online Lessons”.  This link will guide you to the location of your teachers lessons.
* Lessons will be provided via online platforms that are already in place for each class. (Ex. Email, Google Classroom, Edcite, Albert, ect.)
* Paper copies of lessons will be located inside the main entry way of the High School.  Each teacher has a designated space to provide paper copies.  A location for assignments to be turned in will also be available.
* Each week's lessons will be available for pick up by Tuesday of each week.  The building will be unlocked during the week from 7am-7pm for lesson pick up and drop off.
* Staff will be available for questions and communication through email and instructional platforms.  Please reach out to them if you have questions. 

Senior Scholarship Information
Review the email from Mrs. Fuller regarding scholarship applications and submissions along with dates for each.

State Testing
All State tests are under review at the Ohio Department of Education.  We will communicate any changes in the testing schedules and current requirements.  This includes: End-of-Course Exams, CCP, and AP exams.

Please know that this is uncharted territory for everyone involved and we will all need to be flexible with this process as we work through unexpected challenges.  Please keep in communication if you experience any issues or need assistance.  The high school office will be available for phone calls throughout the week from 8am-3pm.

Please take care of each other during these challenging times.  If we can help in any way, do not hesitate to reach out.  We are and will always be #RaiderStrong !

Principals Mark Bulter & Rob Walter 

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Benjamin Logan High School is a public, four-year comprehensive high school. The average student enrollment is 150 students per graduating class. Benjamin Logan is fully accredited by the State of Ohio Department of Education. It is a member of the consortium of local high schools comprising of the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. Students may attend the career center on a full time or part time basis their junior and senior year, to enroll in specialized vocational programs.

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